4 Ways to increase the Profitability of a car rental firm

Those looking into starting a car rental company may be easily put off by the reach of established leaders in the market that appear to have an insurmountable advantage.

However, there are still gaps in the market that will allow new companies to cross the bridge to success without being impeded by these trolls. With the right planning and marketing, this can be a lucrative enterprise to get into. Here is some advice to help give businessmen a rolling start here.

Quality Of Fleet

This is the basis of any successful car rental company and, while companies like Hertz attempt to keep their fleet of vehicles as new as possible, this is an expensive approach. For smaller companies with emptier pockets, an alternative is to buy good quality second hand cars. The benefit of this is that there will be top of the range models out there with every gadget and safety device imaginable. And, together with a skilled team of mechanics and diligent cleaners, these older cars can be more attractive than those offered by other companies.

Associating With Other Companies

The demographic most likely to rent cars regularly are solo business travellers and holidaymakers. As such, building bridges with companies they are likely to deal with is one effective way to attract business. This could be airlines and travel agencies, while visiting international companies and speaking to these potential businessmen first hand is another useful marketing ploy.


With the many big hitters of the industry offering attractive and all encompassing services, it is important that minnows new to these waters follow suit. Companies can stand out by offering services, such as free home delivery and pick up, free replacement vehicles in the case of accident or breakdown and so forth. People often also rent cars in alien countries and customers will appreciate rental companies that make the insurance process as transparent and straightforward as possible.

Range of Options

Experts advise that a company that focuses its products and services on three different demographics at the most is the best way to avoid consumer confusion and ensure profitability. The car rental market may be different in certain respects, in that they can offer a range of models that cover the entire spectrum. This catchall approach can pay dividends, as long as the marketing department is up to the job.

It is a good idea to have performance vehicles, as well as vans and family cars, so that anyone entering the showroom can leave with the car they need. Having classic cars on the forecourt may be a good way to attract customers looking for a performance vehicle to push to its limits for the weekend, but this may mean that other customers will get the idea that you are not for them. As such, balance is also important.

Additionally, it is important not to forget disabled drivers and, while many of this demographic will have their own car for everyday use, there will be others who, like anybody else, only want one for a weekend retreat, holiday or to take a disabled family member out of the house for a change.